Stavroula Giannitsi Psychiatrist Psychotherapist

Dr. Stavroula Giannitsi is a Psychiatrist – Psychotherapist, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Univ. Ioannina. He has a rich research activity and a lot of experience in the field of Mental Health.


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“In the practical application of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, the knowledge you have gained from your studies is not enough. Every person is unique and that is why every time you have to «weigh» to whom, what, how and when you will apply it.”

Stavroula Giannitsi

Clinical Psychiatry

They include the accurate assessment of the present or past symptomatology for which the person is coming as well as the evaluation of his mental functions, quantitatively and qualitatively.

Psychosomatic Medicine

Many physical disorders (respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, dermatological and many others) also have psychological etiogenetic factors, sometimes to a greater and sometimes lesser degree.

Individual Psychotherapy

The ancestors of Psychotherapy can be said to have been in the long run the Shamans and magicians of the primitive tribes as well as the philosophy and literature that fueled the development of Psychology.

Group Psychotherapy

Freud in 1906 organized with a group of his followers, the Psychoanalytic Society of Vienna, in which they participated in regular weekly meetings on Wednesday nights (1906-1918), with the aim of promoting Psychoanalytic knowledge.

Consulting Services

This is a process aimed at people who are in a critical period of their lives due to certain events, usually the type of losses (serious illness, death, separation, etc.).

Stavroula Giannitsi

Associate Professor of Psychiatry Univ. Ioannina

My academic career is characterized by rich clinical, educational and research work in the whole range of mental disorders both in the Medical School and in the University Hospital and in the Mental Health Center of Ioannina from the position of Director.


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Individual Psychotherapy

In the Psychodynamic context of the therapeutic session the usual Psychotherapeutic device “face to face” is used. The patient’s ability for introspection, verbal expression of thoughts, feelings, desires and memories as well as the ability to respond to the mental change that is sought is important. Equally important is the therapist’s ability to listen carefully and put himself in the patient’s position (empathy) without losing his objectivity.

Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

In the small analytical group the Therapist (coordinator) is not directing, but he is encouraging. The members of the group are unknown to each other, they meet at regular intervals and the dynamics of the relationships that develop within the group are emphasized.

Combination Therapies

My status as a Psychiatrist and my long-term training and experience in Psychotherapy enable me to offer the patient alternative options such as Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy / their Psychotherapy and Combination Therapy

Approach & Philosphy

In my approach, the dynamics of the Therapist-Therapist relationship is central, which includes procedures for resolving Unconscious Traumatic Intrapsychic Conflicts. A similar emphasis is given to Group Dynamics when it comes to Group Psychotherapy.

My philosophy focuses on treating the patient as “whole” and not only as a theoretical concept of a Biopsychosocial entity, but also as the “specific person” with the “different needs” in clinical practice.

The above topics are common places of communication of Medicine with Psychiatry, Psychology and, in general, with the so-called Humanities.